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Need the advice in writing your papers and don’t know, how to write an essay or dissertation, how to choose a topic, or how to organize your thoughts and place them on paper? Check out our PaperWritingPro blog and find the right tips and bits of advice to write your paper perfectly. Enjoy the best writing practices from true professionals!

How to Write a Thesis Proposal

The advice and structure given in this article will teach you how to write a thesis proposal for master courses, how to write a thesis proposal for undergraduate courses, and how to write a thesis proposal for PhD courses. We at paper writing service know, that they mostly follow the same structure as the one listed below,…

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When Editing Your Paper, What Should You Focus on?

When editing your paper, what should you focus on? Some people mistake editing for proofreading, but they are mistaken. Professional paper writers will send their work to an editor, and only when the paper is perfect, will the writer calls upon a proofreader to check the very final draft. As you are editing your paper,…

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How to Cite a Case Study?

A case study doesn’t have its own style. Our professional writing service knows that the way you cite a case study will depend on the type of essay/paper you are writing, and on the source material. Writing styles such as APA, MLA, etc., have their own rules for citing from different sources. A case study may…

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Who Invented Homework?

If you Google “Who invented homework?” you see a series of answers about an Italian teacher who gave homework as a punishment to students. It is listed in tens and maybe hundreds of Google results, so it must be true…right? When you read Google, you are simply reading a rewrite of a rewrite. Roberto Nevilis…

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What is Coursework?

The question is not “What is coursework?” The question is what is the point of coursework, what is it made up of, and why should students care so much about it? In short, coursework is curriculum-mandated written work that students usually have to do outside of normal classroom hours. Sometimes, practical parts of the coursework…

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How to Write a Critical Book Review

Unlike many essay types, a critical book review relies on your opinion. In fact, with the exception of a few quotes from the book itself, your critical book review is more about your experience, your analysis and your opinion that it is about searching through other books and journals to do your research and fill…

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The Typical Structure of a Research Paper

Most elementary and High School students are taught the “IM RAD” mnemonic for the components of a research paper. As you move up through into college, remembering IM RAD often helps you get started with your paper. Once you are started, all the other stuff comes flooding back and you find the writing process goes…

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Essay Format Tips from Experienced Teachers

Your college or University is going to give you technical instructions on everything you need to know about the essay outline format for your next essay, but there are things you are not told, and there are things you may have missed. We have a wide range of teachers and ex-professors on our writing staff,…

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How to Create an Informative Essay Outline

We could have made this article a simple instruction document on how to write an essay outline, but this article goes a step further. Not only will you get detailed technical information on things such as how to create an informative essay outline, and a 5 paragraph essay outline, and an argumentative essay outline, and…

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How to Write a Dissertation: Ultimate Guide

You are supposed to learn how to write a dissertation from your professors, from your teachers, and from writing experience, but there are always extra things you can learn. This article doesn’t hold secrets, but it does give you a different perspective on your dissertation writing because this article was written by pooling together information…

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